Discover Colchester After Dark

With theatresgalleriesrestaurants, cafes and bars, as well as clubs, Colchester's a great place to visit during the evening and at night.

This vibrant mix is all within easy walking distance around the city but travel a little further and you can chill at a waterside pub, trendy village bistro or picnic beneath the stars.

Spend the evening in Colchester discovering the local arts scene. Take in a play at the Mercury Theatre or catch a film in Firstsite. Enjoy some live comedy in a local pub, or maybe take a risk on something truly extraordinary at Colchester Arts Centre. You'll always be able to find something to fill your evening on a trip to Colchester.

Rock, folk, jazz, pop, classical, medieval, and many more genres of music can be heard in fantastic concert venues around Colchester. From the acoustics of an old church to huge stadium shows. See local bands play in bars and pubs around the city, or find out if there is a festival happening in Castle Park!