Food and Drink in Colchester for Groups

Food & Drink in Colchester

Places to Eat & Drink in Colchester

Colchester's bustling town centre is lined with fantastic places to eat & drink. The wider Colchester area is also scattered with traditional tea rooms and pubs, as well as award-winning restaurants.

Find traditional English food in wooden-beamed restaurants or try a pint of local Colchester ale in a trendy bar before you head off for some evening entertainment. A good holiday comes topped with good food – so come and find the best places to dig in!

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Explore Colchester’s restaurants on an evening meal out for two, or a family weekend lunch. With local and international cuisine, you can find everything from fish & chip shops and Italian pizza places, to seafood restaurants and gourmet dining.

Colchester has lovely independent restaurants where you can taste delicious meals made by local chefs. If you’re wondering where you can try oysters in Colchester, head on over to Mersea Island for the best oysters in England.

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Cafes and tearooms


Lovely tearooms in Colchester can be found in some of the best locations. Choose to have your cuppa right in the heart of the town in historic buildings, or out in the countryside surrounded by greenery and gardens.Find out more about Afternoon Tea in Colchester

Find out more about Afternoon Tea in Colchester


Colchester’s town centre is a hotspot for cafes and coffee shops, where you can grab a takeaway coffee or sit down for tea and cake. Many of Colchester’s cafes have free wifi, and are a perfect place to stop off in between shops or sightseeing.


The best place for a pint or great English pub food is in the quirky and wonderful pubs in Colchester. There is a unique Wetherspoons Pub located in an old theatre, with the original balconies and theatrical backdrops. You can find pubs in Tudor buildings whose wooden beams and crooked walls give you the real vintage feel, and pubs with great beer gardens – some even back onto the Roman wall!

Local Specialities

Local Tiptree Jam
Wilkin & Sons Tiptree Jam - Locally Made

A Taste of Colchester

The wider Colchester area has a history of sourcing nationally and internationally renowned products, from the famous Colchester Native Oyster, to the delicious Wilkin & Sons Tiptree Jam, and today with its very own vineyards and breweries.

Today, you can still discover the tastes and history of Colchester. A trip to Mersea Island isn't complete without indulging in a sea-food platter. Tiptree tea-rooms are scattered around the area, and you can even visit the Wilkin & Sons Jam Museum. You can also visit Mersea Island Vineyard and Dedham Vale Vineyard throughout most of the year, and test your East Anglian wine-tasting skills!

The local high street market and farmers' markets are a great places to discover a mix of locally-sourced products, so make sure you get a proper taste of Colchester!

Pottery by Local Potter Wynn Tudor Owen
Pottery by Local Potter Wynn Tudor Owen