Victorian Colchester

Colchester and it's surrounding area is full of Victorian buildings and architecture. The Victorian period was a busy and prosperous period in the city's history which saw the population more than triple, in part due to the arrival of the railway, and in part due to the establishment of a permanent military garrison. The Victorian era brought with it sights familiar across the country including new industry that shaped the city for years to come, and rows of terraced housing on the outskirts of the city centre that remain standing and well used today.

Today, the most notable Victorian additions dominate the city's skyline with both Jumbo Water Tower and Colchester Town Hall watching over the city centre. Additionally Colchester's Castle Park was established in this period - a treasure trove history, with it's decorative bandstand being perhaps its most typically Victorian feature.

Further afield, the Chappel Viaduct is an impressive piece of Victorian engineering, built to support the newly arrived railway. Sitting next to it is the East Anglian Railway Museum which celebrates this golden age of rail travel with a recreation of the Victorian station as well as regular event days when steam train run.