Local Produce

They say that Guinness tastes better in Dublin, but did you know that's the case for oysters and jam too? There's always something satisfying about trying local food and drink straight from the source, whether that's a fresh catch from Mersea Island, or some Little Scarlet Jam at one of the local Tiptree Tearooms. Whatever's you put on your plate, be sure to visit wider Colchester for some great local produce that should be part of any trip to the city.

Colchester and Mersea Island have a worldwide reputation for the quality of their Oysters, and local jam manufacturer Wilkin and Sons is similarly known the world over, but there's also plenty to try with a more local reputation, from local breweries and vineyards to cakes, bakes and more.

Our city also has a regular Farmers Market full of great produce to sample, and don't forget to check out the annual Colchester Food & Drink Festival that takes place in Castle Park during the summer months. You never know what you'll find on the menu at this popular event!

Sample the Local Delights