This Friday is National Fish and Chip Day, and what "batter" way to celebrate that rounding up some of Colchester's finest Fish & Chip shops? With the borough situated right on the coast, and a tradition of fishing in Mersea and Wivenhoe there's a great selection of quality fish and chips available locally. Read on to find our top recommendations, and be sure to tell us where we've missed out in the comments below. 

For Fish & Chips by the Sea

Mersea Island Fish Bar

For some, you can't beat eating your fish and chips by the waterfront, with the sound of waves lapping (and the constant threat of having your dinner stolen by seagulls). If this is your idea of a dinnertime treat then look no further than the Mersea Island Fish Bar, which can be found serving up fresh fish straight from the daily catch. 

For the more adventurous, the Fish Bar also sell Mersea Island's famous oysters during the local oster season, which runs from September until April.

Elsewhere, the Quayside in Wivenhoe is another attractive spot to enjoy your fish and chips, and Tollgate Fisheries is just a stones throw away from the boats moored up on the Colne. Then, further afield there are numerous fish and chips shop along the North Essex Sunshine Coast providing traditional seaside dinners for the bustling tourist trade.

For Fish & Chips in the Town Centre


Dr Chippy's Fish and Chip Shop

Sometimes nothing but Fish and Chips will do, and if you find yourself in the town centre, or perhaps staying at one of or hotels, and fancy a meal out then look no further than Dr Chippy to whet your appetite. With a PHD in fish frying (we assume?) Dr Chippy is the last traditional fish and chip shop in the town centre and has been a popular fixture for many years now. 

A short walk away on the ouskirts of the town centre you'll find the Dolphin Fish Bar (no dolphin on the menu!) and Oh My Cod (we're not sure what's more delicious - the chips or the puns), both located on North Station Road. 

Whichever you choose, be sure to take your purchase to the nearby Castle Park to enjoy your Fish and Chips in Colchester's beautiful Victorian park.

For Award Winning Fish and Chips


Henley's Fish and Chips in Wivenhoe

Head back to Wivenhoe, and try out Henley's Fish and Chips who offer sustainable Fish and Chips and high quality service. Their website is packed full of TV and Radio appearances and their fresh Fish and Chips have an exceptional reputation both locally and nationally, having recently been voted one of the UK's best Fish & Chip shops.

For Gluten Free Fish & Chips

Henley's are also one of Colchester's Fish and Chip shops that offer Gluten Free options (At the time of writing served Monday - Thursday). Perfect for those diagnosed as coeliac or persuing a gluten free diet.

How about Vegan Fish and Chips?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Colchester doesn't have a permanent restaurant serving Vegan Fish and Chips, but there are pop-up street food vendors that sell this, and some local cafes occasionally have it on their specials board. If you're planning a trip to Colchester and would like Vegan Fish and Chips get in touch with us and we can advise you if we're aware of anywhere currently selling Vegan Fish and Chips.





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