An ink drawing of a horse drawn chariot crashing through a Roman style ceramic pot


Colchester Archaeology Talks 2021 - with Colchester Roman Circus Visitor Centre

Colchester Archaeology Talks 2021

The 'Roman Life' series of talks from Richard Bale explores different aspects of living in Roman times using archaeological and historical evidence. Each talk seeks to reveal the hows and whys of a topic, so that we can understand both the similarities and differences with our Roman ancestors.


'Roman Life - Chariot Racing’

Chariot racing was the greatest spectator sport of the Roman period. With its racing teams, star drivers and celebrity horses, it provided sports fans with all the elements necessary to engage and excite. The fanatical support of a team colour is just of the legacies. Emperors also came to realise that the races served a political role – especially in Rome. The provision of games kept the populace 'on side', acting as a safety valve on social unrest.

Please note : This series of talks describe and discuss aspects of Roman Life from an archaeological and historical perspective. Due to the nature of the period, some items may cause offense to a modern audience. The intention of the presenter is to be informative and to represent the Roman period as accurately as possible, both for its good elements and bad. If the ZOOM participant is under the age of 16, they should seek the approval of a parent or guardian before the session commences.

Each talk is presented via Zoom and lasts around 45 minutes, with Richard being available to answer your questions.

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Roman Life - Chariot Racing (Online Talk)

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