St Botolph's Gate in Colchester's Roman Wall


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These virtual tours, comissioned for Heritage Open Days 2020, explore two periods of Colchester's amazing history - the Roman city and the Civil War Siege of 1648. Both are given by entertaining and knowledgeable town guides in costumes of the period.

Colchester was the first city in Britain founded by the Romans. For several centuries the Temple of Claudius in the heart of the city was the centre of the imperial state religion. Destroyed by fire during the Boudican Revolt in AD 60, Colchester returned to prosperity before a long decline culminating in its abandonment after AD 410 when the Roman government of Britain collapsed.

In 1648 king Charles I was being held prisoner by Parliament and a Royalist army seized Colchester as part of a concerted attempt throughout England to gain his freedom. The resulting siege lasted for eleven weeks with great hardship for both the Royalist army and the citizens of Colchester. Following the Royalist surrender the cavaliers Sir Charles Lucas and Sir George Lisle were executed.

These two short films have been specially made for Heritage Open Days and feature town guides Janet Gardner and Ann Turner.

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£4.70 per Adult, £3.30 per child (5 - 15 years)

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Costumed Virtual Tours of Colchester

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