Where is Colchester?

Colchester is located in the north of the English county of Essex, North-East of London.

Essex or Suffolk?

Colchester is in the county of Essex, and stretches to the northernmost border with Suffolk. Staying in Colchester is the ideal location to explore the best places in Essex, as well as the beautiful areas along the river Stour which marks the Essex/Suffolk border. Here you will find Dedham Vale, part of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) which has a foot in each county, and is well-known as the birthplace of famous artist John Constable (also known as Constable Country).

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Getting to Colchester

With rail connections to London in under an hour, and Stansted airport less than 1hour drive away, travelling to Colchester is easy. You can also get to Colchester by car, by coach, or even by bike!

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What is there to do in Colchester?

There are many attractions and historic sites in Colchester that can be explored and discovered all years round and you will always be abel to find something to do at one of teh town's many venues

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Colchester’s place in History

Where is Colchester? About 200 miles from Anglesea. In AD 77, Pliny the Elder, when referring to the island of Anglesea, used “Camulodunum (the Roman name for Colchester), a town in Britain”, as a point of reference to locate the island. This is the earliest written record of a town in Britain.

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Colchester Today

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Colchester today is a thriving town, with its own growing arts scene, and events for all ages happening around town.

The town centre and beyond offer fantastic places to eat, drink, and go shopping, from local produce and hand-made craft to high street chains and top class restaurants.

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Featured Places in and around Colchester

Discover Great Places

Colchester and the surrounding area has a long history of important events and capturing the imagination of great people.

Discover the fascinating areas and people around Britain's Oldest Recorded Town.

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