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Ancient Colchester App

Screenshot of the Ancient Colchester App

The Ancient Colchester App developed by Colchester & Ipswich Museums allows you to wander around Colchester Town Centre on a Heritage Trail and bring historic sites to life.

The Ancient Colchester is available to Download on iOS and Android.

Castle App in Colchester Castle Museum

Colchester Wai2go App

Colchester App
Download the Colchester App

The ‘Colchester’ app Wai2go showcases the best of Colchester, telling you ‘what’s on’, ‘where to go’ and ‘how to get there’ from wherever you are in the town. The Android version is available to download from the Google App store.

The interactive offline map gives fast walking navigation to all central town locations, including accessible paths to each. The map has been tiered to four levels of detail where maximum detail is set when at full zoom to give you a good sense of your immediate surroundings. At the other extreme it shows minimum detail when zoomed out so you can quickly get a view of the whereabouts of all locations of a given kind.

The ‘more information’ tab for each cultural venue presents opening times, contact information, media and a brief description of the location. Once you find an event you would like to attend the app lets you add the event to your calendar and share items of interest with others.