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Eight miles to the East of Braintree lies Coggeshall a lovely little 'olde worlde' town with a lot to offer. Coggeshall's attractive centre is made up of nearly 200 listed buildings, many are timber-framed dating as far back as the 14th century, including Coggeshall's magnificent 'wool church' (St. Peter ad Vincula). Paycockes House is an exceptional example of a 16th century wealthy clothier's house and Grange Barn, founded in 1140, is all that remains of the former abbey. Both properties are owned by the National Trust.

Like many of the towns in the area Coggeshall had a wool and cloth trade and then subsequently industries of silk and velvet weaving, tambour lace making and brewing. By 1900, the decline of these industries with the rejection of the railway has left a relatively undisturbed town. Visit Coggeshall Museum and Heritage Centre to discover more.

Bizarre and obscure events in the past have been attributed to ley lines crossing in the town. These powerful beams of energy linked to the Earth's magnetic field have attracted the investigations of ghost busters from across the country. Local people believe the stories are myths, but they certainly inspire the imagination.

With meandering streets, where houses lean erratically on to the pavement, specialist shops, eating places, historic buildings, mysteries, ley lines, witches and stories of the past, this small town has a unique charm.

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Town Centre, Coggeshall, Essex, CO6 1