Suggested Itinerary: Roman Colchester

Roman Colchester

Discover Camulodonum - Britain's First City, on this one day suggested itinerary exploring Colchester's Roman sites.

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Upon your arrival in Colchester, park in St Mary's Car Park off Balkerne Hill, and enter Colchester Town Centre the way the Roman Emperor Claudius did in AD 43 - through the town's surviving original entrance gate (although he allegedly entered upon an elephant!). 

Make your way through the scenic Dutch Quarter, and find the excavations of the Roman Theatre off Maidenburgh Street. Guided tours of Colchester take you inside the building.

Enter into Castle Park through the bottom gate, and follow the 2000 year old remains of the Roman Wall - built by the Romans after Boudica laid siege to the Roman town in AD 61.

Make your way up the park to find Colchester Castle. This Norman keep is built on the remains of the Roman Temple of Claudius, the precinct pillars of which have recently been unearthed nearby and should be on display in the coming years. Colchester Castle Museum is full of Roman artefacts found in Colchester's rich archaeological layers, including the stunning Fenwick Hoard of Roman Jewelry discovered in 2014. Join a guided tour of the Museum to visit the remains of the Roman Temple in the Castle's vaults.

Visit the Castle

Balkerne Gate by RT Photography
Balkerne Gate - the Triumphal Arch


Stop off for lunch in Colchester Town Centre in one of the many restaurants, pubs and cafes. Look out for Roman history scattered around the town:

  • The Berryfield Mosaic in Firstsite Art Gallery - original mosaic tiling from a Roman Household
  • Recycled Roman tiles used to build various buildings throughout the ages. The remarkable Saxon doorway on Holy Trinity Church is believed to be the oldest in Britain. The remains of the Augustinian Priory of St Botolph also has noticeable Red Roman bricks patterned in its walls.
  • More Roman Wall remains integrated into the town's boutiques and houses - notably along Priory Street and the back of Vineyard Street Car Park. 
Berryfield Mosaic, located in Firstsite
The Berryfield Mosaic


Head across the Town Centre towards the remains of a Romano-Christian church in Butt Road, located next to the police station.

Continue down Butt Road, and turn left down Napier road to find Colchester's Roman Circus. This chariot racing track is the only known Roman circus in Britain, dating from around AD 200. Stop off in the museum's cafe for well deserved tea and cake before heading home.

Visit the Roman Circus

Roman Circus depiction by Peter Froste, CAT
Colchester's Roman Circus

Find out more about Roman Colchester

Roman Colchester depiction by Peter Froste

Find out more about Camulodonum, a prosperous town in Roman Britain, and the dramatic siege by Boudica, queen of the Iceni. Discover the archaeological finds which can tell us fascinating stories of Colchester's tumultuous past.


Roman Colchester