The Company Shed


So you fancy a touch of authenticity? It doesn't come much more authentic than The Company Shed Dining at the company shed is an experience you'll be keen to repeat. With a long standing reputation for quality, The Company Shed provide seafood that is famed throughout Essex. Opened over twenty years ago to simply sell cockles and prawns to locals, The Company Shed has evolved into one of the most renowned seafood restaurants in the country. Owner Heather Haward is reluctant to call her business a restaurant, owing to the fact that customers must bring their own bread and drink to accompany the fresh fish and shellfish. This fishmongers and 'eatery' therefore has a unique attraction, drawing visitors from as far afield as Australia. The Company Shed offers fresh fish to take away caught by local fishermen, ranging from sea bass, cod, skate, brill and Dover sole. Being fish supplied by local boats the weather, the tides and the seasons dictate what is displayed on the counter. Shellfish, such as freshly cooked crabs and lobsters are also available to take away.

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Mersea Island

The Company Shed


129 Coast Road, West Mersea, Colchester, Essex, CO5 8PA

Tel: 01206 382700

Opening Times

* The Take A way is open 9am to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday and 10am to 5pm on Sunday