Tiptree Jam


A contender for the title of 'largest village in England' Tiptree is best known for it's jam making, with the family-run buisness Wilkin and Son utilising the village's name to brand their iconic products.

The jam factory, and accompanying museum and tearoom can still be found in the village and is a popular destination for afternnon tea. During the summer months you can join regular tours of the farm where the unique 'Little Scarlet' strawberry is grown.

To the south of the village lies Tiptree Heath, the largest surviving heathland in Essex and a site of special scientific interest. A small heard of Exmoor Ponies roam the heath and help manage the scrub and grassland.

Tiptree is located at the periphery of Colchester's beautiful borough and as such is also a good location from which to explore Maldon district, which includes Tollesbury, the River Blackwater and the town of Maldon itself.

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Tiptree Jam

Tiptree Village Sign

Tiptree jam is a world famous brand, with a history stretching back to 1885. It has held a Royal Warrant since 1911 and amongst other famous consumers is James Bond's jam of choice. Their famous Little Scarlet strawberry is grown only on the Tiptree Estate.

The farm and factory both remain in Tiptree, as well as a tearoom, shop and small jam museum. Wilkin & Sons, who make the iconic brand, have expanded into a variety of products from sauces and spreads to beverages and cakes, and in the summer there are opportunities to take a tractor tour of the expansive farmland.

As well as the tearoom in Tiptree there are other branches around Essex including the Batte-Lay Tearoom in Colchester and the Essex Rose in Dedham. Fenwicks department store in colchester town centre also hosts a Tiptree Jam Jar Bar.

Little Scarlet Jam

Tiptree Heath

Exmoor Ponies on Tiptree Heath
Exmoor Ponies on Tiptree Heath

About Tiptree Heath

Tiptree Heath is the largest heathland in Essex, jointly managed by Essex Wildlife Trust, The Friends of Tiptree Heath, and a small herd of wild but friendly Exmoor Ponies.

It is a site of Special Scientific Interest and home to all three native species of Heather, as well as many other plants and animals - some unique in Essex.

There is free car parking and easy access by bus from Colchester or Maldon. The site is open all year round and is a popular spot for dog walkers.