Mersea Island Waterfront and Dedham Church

Mersea Island

Mersea Island

 Follow the River Colne down to Mersea Island, home to the Colchester native oyster, and the ideal place to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Go for a paddle on the beach, bird-watching in Cudmore Grove Country Park, or simply for a walk across the tranquil island.

Easily accessible by car or public transport from Colchester Town Centre, Mersea Island is ideal for a peaceful day out surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

Mersea Island is also a great place to discover local produce - a platter of fresh Mersea seafood, with glass of local wine!

Boats off Mersea Island
Victory at Mersea

Britain's most easterly inhabited island, home to the settlements of East and West Mersea. It is accessed by 'The Strood' - a causeway which at high tide floods, making the island separate from the mainland. Noted for its sailing, fishing and oyster beds. West Mersea is a small town, with old fisherman's cottages and a shingle beach.

The most populated part of the island is West Mersea, which acts as the central hub of the island. This area attracts the most tourism and features the majority of local businesses. At this side of the island you'll find the Yacht Club, West Mersea Parish Church (St. Peter & St. Paul's), football ground, the MICA Centre, the Mersea Island Museum and Library.

The eastern side of Mersea is known for being rural farming-land and having the island's only country park, Cudmore Grove. However East Mersea is increasingly breaking the traditional stereotype and nowadays features restaurants, a youth camp, holiday parks, a public house and Mersea Island Vineyard.