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Colchester Town Centre

A Thriving Hub

At the heart of Colchester encircled by the town's historic Roman Wall, lies the town centre, a place which has been the focal point of the town’s activities for thousands of years, and today is still a busy, thriving hub with lots to see and do.

As well as exciting opportunities for shopping and food & drink in the town centre, you'll discover the town's key heritage and cultural sites within minutes of each other as well as a host of fantastic places to stay should you wish to stay a few days and explore.

For a comprehensive list of businesses, shops and restaurants in the town centre you may wish to visit In Colchester, a dedicated town centre website

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Colchester Town Centre

Town Centre Attractions

Historically, Colchester's town centre has largely developed inside the Roman Wall that circled the old city. As a result many of the town's key attractions are within easy reach of each other with any two attractions seldom more than a five or ten minute walk from each other.

Key historic sites including the Castle, Priory and the wall itself sit side-by-side more contemporary structures such as the town's modern art gallery and theatre. Similarly, the busy shopping streets of the town centre are a stone's throw from the relative tranquilty of the Victorian Castle Park, and the quieter residential streets of the town's historic Dutch Quarter.
Colchester Castle

Historic Colchester

Colchester's history is intertwined with the present day town, with plenty of Roman and Medieval sites rubbing shoulder with newer shops and buildings. Key sites, such as the Castle, Roman Wall and Priory are located right in the centre of town 


Culture in Colchester

Alongside two dedicated art galleries providing a tranquil space for culture during the day you will also discover that Colchester town centre has a vibrant nighttime economy with plenty to do in the evenings for all tastes; from theatre and cinema to live music and nightclubs.

Castle Park

Colchester Castle Park

The Victorian gardens surrounding the Castle are a perfect space to enjoy a break from the busy town centre. Even on the busiest summer days a quiet spot can be found in these extensive and beautiful gardens.

Shopping, Eating & Where to Stay

Trinity Street

Shopping in Colchester Town Centre.

Independent shops, High Street names, a weekly market, and department stores - you'll find it all in Colchester Town Centre. Lion Walk and Culver Square are the two major shopping arcades but you'll find smaller boutique shops in Trinity Street, Eld Lane or Crouch Street, as well as the town's flagship Fenwick department store on the High Street.

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Places to Eat and Drink in Colchester

Eating in Colchester Town Centre

From quick lunches to fine dining, afternoon tea to pub grub, you'll be spoilt for choice picking somewhere to eat in Colchester Town Centre. You'll discover quaint cafes, historic pubs and speciality tea rooms sitting alongside national chains and highly regarded local restaurants. Don't forget to try our local products such as Tiptree's Little Scarlet Jam or our world famous Colchester oysters.

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Bed in Le Talbooth

Stay in Colchester Town Centre

There's plenty of places to stay just a short walk from Colchester Town Centre. You'll discover historic hotels right on the High Street in the heart of town, or newer buildings in the quieter streets surrounding the centre. From luxurious rooms to budget breaks there's something to suit everyone.

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Getting Here

Colchester Town Centre is well served by Car Parks, Bus Routes, and a branch line rail station (the mainline station is a short walk out of town).

A Park and Ride service operates from Junction 28 of the A12 offering a speedy journey into the town centre through a number of dedicated bus lanes prohibited to cars. Visitors preferring to park in the town centre should also note the location of these bus lanes, or risk a fine.

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