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A Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones
To celebrate the release of Game of Thrones Season 8 on Digital Download the entire county, formerly known as Essex, has been renamed in honour of Essos!

We've picked out ten not-at-all-tenuous links between Colchester and the hit TV series. From dragons and warrior queens to sieges and destruction, find out what links Britain's First City to the seven kindoms and beyond.

WARNING: Contains spoilers.


Castle Essos
From the Red Keep to Winterfell, there's no shortage of Castles in Game of Thrones, but Colchester Castle could give them all a run their money. The largest Norman Keep in Europe has never had its walls breached and is the safest place in Colchester with walls 10 feet thick. Rumours of a secret escape tunnel remain unfounded.

A Warrior Queen

Seizing land in blood and fire, vengeful and ruthless, Queen Boudicca swept across the land uniting tribes against a common enemy and leaving a trail of destruction in her wake.  The city of Camulodunum and the Roman Temple of Claudius (where the Castle now stands) were among that which was destroyed. Just imagine if she'd had three dragons at her disposal.


Wormingford Dragon
From the Wormingford Worm, a Wyvern at Wivenhoe, or the Essex Serpent, tales of Dragons have spread across the Essex Countryside - As we now know, nothing is more powerful than a story. Why not take a walk through Dragon Country which includes a giant chalk dragon etched on the landscape. Be warned, you will need to venture into the North (AKA Suffolk) to complete the walk.


Ravens in Colchester
Symbols of Ravens can be found throughout Colchester - once the symbol of the town's portreeve, it can now be found on the Town Hall, park gates, and numerous symbols of organisations around town. The marker on the town to sea trail (pictured) has a distinct Game of Thrones feel to us. He's always watching... 


Colchester Witches

In the 1600's Colchester Castle was used as a prison, where many women & men were held during the witch trials of the time, accused of using magic. Matthew Hopkins, the self-styled Witchfinder General was in operation in the area, and would have taken delight in capturing Melisandre, Maggy the Frog and Mirri Maz Duur as part of his witch hunt.

Mad Monks

Crouched Friars
Colchester's history of radical preachers, treasonous abbots, and badly-behaved monks is probably not quite on par with the religious tumult that engulfs Kings Landing in the fifth season of Game of Thrones, but certainly the stories that could be told by St Botolph's Priory (now in ruins) or St John's Abbey (now destroyed) do not necessarilly end happily.

A Town under siege

St Botolphs Priory
Whilst there are plenty of sieges in Game of Thrones none quite rival the Siege of Colchester during the English Civil War when the town was besieged for 11 weeks and the inhabitants were reduced to eating dogs, rats and horses. The Siege ultimately ended with the royalist captains being executed for their allegiance to the king.

The Blackwater

The Blackwater
In Game of Thrones the Blackwater is an inlet of the Narrow Sea, just south of Kings Landing, where eponymous Battle of the Blackwater takes place. The Blackwater Estuary just south of Mersea is an altogether more peaceful area, with walkers more likely to disover wild samphire on the shores than the more deadly Wildfire used to destroy Stannis Baratheon's fleet. 

A City Destroyed

A City Destroyed
In AD 61 the city of Camulodunum (as Colchester was then known) was burnt to the ground by a fierce warrior queen. The fire ravaged the city leaving a thick layer of ash. Today archaologists can identify the age of items by their proximity to the Boudican layer - a black strata of soil that can be identified throughout the city boundaries of Camulodunum.


Game of Thrones Elephants
Cersei's disappointment with a lack of elephants delivered by the Golden Company is well grounded - after all Emperor Claudius transported them over the channel to Britannia in AD43. Colchester's interest in elephants has only grown over the years and they are now something of a mascot for the borough with the Victorian water tower bearing the name Jumbo and several symbolic elephants located throughout the town centre, as well as the real thing at Colchester Zoo.
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