Filming in Colchester

Filming in Colchester

For voxpop interviews in the street please note that the High Street is a public thoroughfare and no official permission is required. However, if you are intending to film there please call or email with the following information:

  • your name
  • company name
  • mobile / office telephone number
  • the date/s you will be filming
  • am / pm
  • why you are filming
  • where you would like to film
  • how many people will be in the crew
  • when you anticipate the programme will be shown
  • on what station

We will then ensure that the CCTV team, Street Wardens, Visitor Information Centre teams and any other relevant people are informed. Please call Dean Weston on 07815088150 or

If you wish to film in Culver Square or Lion Walk Shopping Centres, please note that these are privately owned and permission is required to film in these locations. To contact Culver Square, call 01206 578830 or visit:

To contact Lion Walk, call 01206 564957 or email:

Location enquiries
If you wish to film in a specific location please contact the following people to discuss your requirements:

Colchester Castle, Hollytrees Museum, Natural History Museum , Gosbecks Archaeological Park, St Botolph's Priory ruins, the Mersea Barrow and the Lexden Tumulus and for details of charging for filming and permissions go to

Castle Park - Ian Baalham, call 01206 282905 or email:

firstsite - call 01206 577067 or email:

For all other location enquiries call Dean Weston on 07815088150 or email: