Professional photographers, influencers in the making & budding enthusiasts take note – Here are Colchester’s top 5 spots for Instaworthy photos, and some of our favourites from our grid.

4 images of the Roman Wall & Balkerne Gateway

Balkerne Gate/The Roman Wall

  • At the west end of the city centre, you will find the Balkerne Gate, one of the entrances to Roman Colchester that is still standing 2000 years on. You can get a nice shot through the curved arch, with a view of the Jumbo Water tower or the Mercury Theatre, or just take a selfie inside the arch itself. The gateway is situated in a particularly well preserved part of the Roman wall, and the brick and tile layers make a nice background for that pose.

4 images of tudor buildings in the Dutch Quarter residential area of Colchester

Dutch Quarter

  • A residential area to the west of Castle Park, the Dutch Quarter is home to black & white timber framed buildings, pastel coloured cottages and charmingly overgrown churchyards that stand in the shadow of our impressive town hall. It looks great on a sunny day – just beware of the hill!

4 images of Lion Yard in different seasons

Lion Yard

  • This small arcade of shops running between/underneath the timber framed Red Lion Hotel pulls out all the stops to look pretty. The shop fronts are cute, and there are twinkly fairy lights at Christmas, and seasonal themed bunting throughout the year.

4 images of St Botolph's Priory ruins, including one of @arniethebt and of a dog owned by @sezz111

St Botolph's Priory

  • This beautiful ruin is SO photogenic. Made of the same recycled Roman building material as the Roman Wall, its red colour pops against a blue sky, and it is surrounded by greenery. This area is managed by English Heritage, but is free to enter, and is dog friendly – so it makes the perfect spot for a pooch photoshoot.

4 images of Castle Park in different seasons

Castle Park

  • We could write a whole blog post about the many beautiful Instaworthy spots in Castle Park, but our favourites are the Hollytrees wisteria in spring, the rose garden in full bloom in summer, and the north side of the Castle in Autumn and the Victorian Bandstand in the winter snow.

4 small images of Mersea Island Beach Huts, Chappel Viaduct, an Orangutan at @ColchesterZoo, and a collage of village signs

Notable places in the beautiful borough of Colchester:

  • Mersea Beach Huts - These candy coloured beauties have been a popular Insta spot for a few years now

  • Chappel Viaduct – This huge and impressive structure makes for a good photo from a distance and up close

  • Colchester Zoo – the residents are always ready to strike a pose.

  • Village Signs - many of the small towns and villages surrounding Colchester have unique signs that represent the area

We can't wait to see what you capture in these locations! Remember to tag us, and #Colchester so that we see your lovely snaps - oh and don’t forget to follow us @VisitColchester to see what we're up to!




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    Colchester, with its rich history and stunning architecture, offers a plethora of captivating backdrops for Instagram-worthy shots. From the historic Colchester Castle to the charming cobblestone streets of the town center, every corner seems to tell a story. The vibrant street art and colorful murals that adorn some of the buildings add a modern twist to the town's visual appeal.

    For nature enthusiasts, Colchester's scenic parks and gardens provide endless opportunities for capturing the beauty of the outdoors. High Woods Country Park and Castle Park, with their lush greenery and tranquil lakes, are particularly popular spots for photos.

    And let's not forget the delightful local cuisine – a snapshot of a meal or a treat from one of Colchester's cozy cafes can instantly make your Instagram feed more enticing.
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