The daffodils are out, the sky is blue and the days are getting longer - It must be spring! Some of our local attractions are re-opening their doors after a long winter break, and we can't wait to visit!

Layer Marney Tower re-opens on Sunday 3rd April. The tower, and surrounding land will be open on Sundays & Wednesdays throughout the summer months. A magnificent building standing 80 feet tall within stunning grounds, the UK's tallest Tudor Gatehouse has a busy events programme, especially surrounding Easter. Don't miss their ever popular lamb feeding!

The National Trust's Bourne Mill will be re-opening the doors on selected Saturdays throughout the season from the 2nd April - and they will open across the Easter Weekend too. Just a mile south of Colchester town centre, this picturesque watermill is set in tranquil grounds, next to a millpond and babbling stream. The surrounding nature reserve is home to a variety of wildlife including birds, bats, waterfowl, bugs and beetles for you to discover.

From 30th April, Mersea Island Museum will be re-opening with their summer exhibition 'Changing Times - from the Bronze Age to the Platinum Jubilee'. This independent, volunteer run museum aims to give visitors an authentic taste of Mersea's unique island heritage, and will be open Wednesday-Sunday afternoons through until the end of September.

Boxted Airfield Museum

Boxted Airfield Museum returns for 2022 with new exhibitions in its recently opened display hall. The museum keeps expanding and growing more popular each year, but its opening hours are limited. You can visit just once a month on the last Sunday of the month - This year's first open day is March 27th.

Re-opening on the 6th April, The Munnings Art Museum in Dedham will be showing a new exhibition 'Alfred Munnings: The Art of the Poster' alongside their regular collection of over 150 paintings, drawings and sculptures by the prolific East Anglian artist.

Other popular outdoor attractions will be extending their opening hours as the weather gets warmer, including Colchester Zoo, Beth Chatto's Plants & Gardens, Green Island Gardens and Markshall Estate. These attractions will be staying open that little bit later into the evening as the days get longer, giving you more time to have a great day out!

Where's your favourite place to visit during spring?

Let us know in the comments below.

For more ideas on attractions to visit, head over to our Things To Do webpages, and to see What's On over the Easter Holidays, take a look at our events calendar.


Easter Weekend Activities
Countryside Events
Egg & Spoon Race

Springtime family fun at Layer Marney Tower

Roman River Music: The Old Library Series
The Old Library, with Reinoud Ford, The Consone Quartet and Tom Hodgkinson

Roman River Music presents a Spring concert series in the Old Library, behind Colchester Town Hall.

Spring arts & Craft Fayre
Arts & Crafts Event
Spring arts & Craft Fayre


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