a stack of pancakes with berries and syrup on topShrove Tuesday is nearly here! This year will you settle for homemade pancakes with a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of sugar? Or do you fancy something more extravagant?

Here's our list of some of Colchester's best offerings to liven up your Pancake Day!

- Tub & Cone on Crouch Street serve freshly made thin crepes with delicious sounding toppings including 'The Ferrero' and 'Cookies & Cream'.

- Heavenly Desserts on the High Street have a HUGE menu of deliciousness, including the amazing sounding 'I'll Have What She's Having' which involves strawberries, warm Belgian chocolate, and gelato over crepes.

- Kaspas on the High Street have a whole portion of their menu devoted to crepes, with toppings including 'White Chocoberry', 'Sicilian Zest' and 'Maple Temptation

- Cuckoo Dough on Short Wyre Street serve their pancakes at brunch, and make them with their own sourdough recipe

- Hank's on Culver St West offer vegan pancakes on their breakfast menu, with your choice of syrup, fruit or plant-based sausage & bacon.

- The Three Wise Monkeys on the High Street and Cafe 21 on Trinity Street are both holding special Pancake Day events on the big day itself with menus fit to burst with flippable fancies.

There's so much choice! Where will you be going for your pancakes? Tell us in the comments below!




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