Valentine’s Day is upon us, and we’re feeling loved up! Here are our ideas for romantic places to stay, fun first dates, and special venues to wine & dine your beloved this Valentine's day.

A couple on a date

Three Wise Monkeys, Colchester.

Date Ideas:

Treat your favourite person to a fun date in Colchester. Whether its your spouse, your Galentine or an awkward Tinder date, we’ve got you covered!

Animal lovers will be won over by the cuteness on offer at the Zoo. Show you competitive side at Ten Pin, Putt in the Park or Valhalla Lanes. You could catch a romantic flick at Curzon or the Odeon, or alternatively take a gentle walk along the river or through the park. How about sharing your love of culture by wandering around a museum/gallery together? You could pop to the Three Wise Monkeys for a beer tasting, or you could catch a show at the Mercury Theatre or gig at Colchester Arts Centre.


Mimosa, Colchester.

Wining & Dining:

They say the best way to a someone’s heart is through their stomach, so here are some of our suggestions for extra special places to wine & dine your Valentine:

Pavilion Lounge + Restaurant serve pan pacific food in beautiful surroundings. For modern British cusine served in style, head to Church St Tavern, Mimosa Restaurant + Lounge, The Old Siege House Bar & Brasserie, The Green Room or Kintsu (If you're lucky enough to get a table..!) Ristorante Favoloso make some of the best Italian food in town, and Bella Pais have an excellent reputation for steak. Le Talbooth in Dedham have an excellent wine list, and the brand new Other Monkey Brewery Taproom serve their plates with a side of beer made on site.

If you're after Colchester's most famous aphrodisiac, take a drive out to Mersea Island and enjoy our Oysters at the Company Shed or West Mersea Oyster Bar.

Maison TalboothMaison Talbooth, Dedham.

Places to Stay:

Whether its for a Valentine’s treat, a honeymoon or a special anniversary, Colchester has suites fit for your sweetheart.

The George Hotel & GreyFriars in the heart of the town centre have glorious, glamourous accommodation. Head to Wivenhoe House Hotel or Maison Talbooth for country house opulence. Each of these gorgeous hotels have their own stylish restaurants bursting at the seams with high quality ingrediants and delicious recipes, and it's always worth taking a look at the cocktail menu (or just ordering Champagne if you're celebrating!)

What are you plans for Valentine's Day in Colchester? Let us know in the comments!




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