There's something for everyone, with time to explore Britain’s First City with it's 2,000 years of history, beautiful Castle Park, Colchester Castle Museum, shops, bars and restuarants, before travelling the short distance to  Constable Country.   

Am:  Arrive at the coach drop off point near Musuem Street on the High Street. From here there is easy access to the visitor attractions, restaurants and shops in the  town centre. 

Spend time exploring Castle Park, the jewel in Colchester's crown. With both formal planting and landscaping, a riverside walk teeming with wildlife,  a Victorian bandstand, and Roman archaeological remains there’s something for everyone. 

For history lovers  a visit to Colchester Castle Museum is always popular. It’s the largest Norman keep in Europe, built on the vaults of the Roman Temple of Claudius, and home to a nationally important collection of Roman artifacts.  

For those in the group looking for some retail therapy, there’ll be time to explore the narrow lanes of the town centre to discover the many independent shops and big name stores, before stopping off at one of the many enticing town centre restaurants, cafes and bars for lunch

Designated coach parking is available just a short drive away at the Sheepen Road carpark. 

NEW for 2022 is the VisitColchester coach drivers' package. To register for the many FREE benefits included in the package, just  contact the friendly and knowledgeable team at the Colchester Visitor Information Centre  01206 282920.  

Pm.  After lunch,  depart Colchester for  Constable Country. Named after the landscape artist John Constable , the area sits at  the heart of the Dedham Vale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, on the Essex/Suffolk border.  

Your journey will take you through the unspoilt Suffolk village of East Bergholt, which was the childhood home of  John Constable.

From  East Bergholt follow the winding country lanes to the small hamlet of Flatford, which is now in the care of the National Trust.  This is where Constable painted his most famous landscape “The Haywain”  and you  can take the opportunity to stroll down to  Willy Lott's house which features in the Haywain, before  visiting the National Trust shop for some souvenirs of the trip.

From Flatford it's just a few minutes drive to the charming Essex village of Dedham which sits beside the River Stour, considered to be one of the most beautiful rivers in England.

Explore the village, with maybe a visit to the  parish church of St. Mary the Virgin, before stopping off for refreshments at  one of the village tearooms including The Essex Rose and The Dedham Arts and Crafts Centre 

There is  free coach parking at the  Mill Lane car park 

For help in planning your  itinerary  contact the team at the Colchester Visitor Information Centre  01206 282920.




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