Vegan Food at wagamama

Want to discover what Colchester’s eateries are offering this Veganuary? Whether you’re vegan curious or a seasoned herbivore, if you’ve made the Veganuary pledge, here are 3 of our favourite places in Colchester town centre who’ve got you covered.


Caffe Sala turned their menu exclusively vegan in 2021. Head to their cosy establishment on Eld Lane for delicious sandwiches, soups, pastries and a full range of plant milks to go with your coffee. It's a great lunchtime spot, and the homemade cakes are some of the best in town.

Vegan Cakes at Caffe Sala


2021 saw the opening of Hanks in Culver St West. Deli by day, and junk food takeaway by night. Their completely vegan menu of burgers, wings, ribs and hotdogs will please vegans, veggies and omnivores alike. Limited seating is available on the ground floor, and there is a larger seating area upstairs.

Vegan Burgers at Hanks


wagamama committed to having a 50% vegan menu last year. You’ll find Colchester’s branch on the High Street. Their benches are groaning with healthy veg centred options, tasty plant-based meat replacements and oodles of noodles. We can't wait to try their newest menu addition of tempura f-ish!

Vegan Food at Wagamama

There are plenty of other cafes, restaurants and pubs with fantastic vegan/veggie offerings in the town centre & the wider Borough of Colchester.

Where’s your favourite?

We’d love to hear from you if you have a recommendation!


Caffe Sala
Caffe Sala

An independent coffee shop serving great coffee and a delicious range of cakes and sweet treats,all 100% plant based and many gluten free.

Wagamama, Colchester

wagamama is a celebration of Asian food inspired by Japanese ramen bars and is a truly unique way to eat.



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