I Spy Colchester

I Spy Colchester’s Local Treasures – what will you spy?

Join in the ‘I spy’ fun in Colchester!

Colchester has lots of amazing things for visitors to see and do, and this year we’re running an exciting tourism campaign to showcase all the great things there are to experience in Colchester and the surrounding area. We’d love as many of our visitors, residents and local businesses to get involved and help us by sharing as many of Colchester’s treasures as possible with the rest of the world.

To do this, we’re celebrating everything great that Colchester has to offer through the popular interactive ‘I Spy’ game. We’ll be posting and sharing content on our social media to showcase all the wonderful sights and experiences available in Colchester and throughout the borough ranging from its heritage and arts through to its modern and contemporary offerings. We’ll also be highlighting some of the less well known and quirky facts about Colchester and local characters as well as focusing on the many accommodation, eateries and businesses available to visitors.

In return, we’d like you all to get out and about in Colchester with your phones, cameras and tablets and join in the game by uploading your photos, videos and posts about your favourite sights and experiences in Colchester to social media using the hashtag: #ispycolchester. Whether it’s a sandcastle you and your family build on a beach, an amazing sunset, stunning architecture or some delicious local produce you enjoy at one of our many local restuarants and tearooms, we want to see and hear about all the great things you’re all enjoying right across the borough.

Competition Time

We’ll also be running some great competitions as part of the campaign which we’ll be sharing on this page, so don’t forget to keep any eye out for these as there’ll be some brilliant prizes up for grabs!

I Spy Colchester


 So, what will you spy in Colchester?

We’d love to see and hear about it so why not join in using #ispycolchester on social media and don’t forget to share it with us on our social media too:


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We’d love as many of you as possible to get involved in ‘I Spy’ so let’s get out there with our phones, cameras and tablets and get snapping and sharing!

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