Guided Walking Tours of Colchester

Discover Colchester's Past

One of the best ways to find out about the dramatic events that have taken place in Colchester is to take a guided walking tour led by a qualified Town Guide.

As the tour takes you through Castle Park, the Dutch Quarter and the High Street, only minutes away from each other, each has a very different story to tell.

Tour Guides of Colchester - Roman Themed Tour

Discover Colchester's Past & Present

Boadicea Stain Glass Window in Colchester Town Hall

Camulodunum to Colchester

On the 90 minute tour you will discover:

  • Why the Roman Temple of Claudius was sensationally destroyed by Boudica
  • Why the Dutch Quarter is so named
  • Why a building was named after a famous elephant
  • When Colchester was under siege for 11 weeks
  • The location of the largest surviving Roman Gateway in Britain
  • Who planted the tree on top of the Castle
  • The origins of the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star nursery rhyme

How to book

Bookings for tours are taken at the VisitColchester Information Centre.

To book a private tour of Colchester, please contact the Colchester Visitor Information Centre with details of your enquiry and we will will arrange the tour for you.

Tel: 01206 282920.


Adults: £4.20, Children: £3.10

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