About Colchester

Learn about Colchester's fascinating past and thriving present. From a tumultuous history including a Roman town burnt to the ground by Queen Boudica, discover the facts and stories surrounding our rich heritage.

From a Roman Temple to cutting edge 21st century design, via Victorian splendour and medieval timber frames, panoramas of beautiful buildings reflect the town's history and contemporary appeal.

Sack of Roman Temple, painting by Peter Froste

Colchester Today

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Colchester today is a thriving town, with its own growing arts scene, and events for all ages happening around town.

The town centre and beyond offer fantastic places to eat, drink, and go shopping, from local produce and hand-made craft to high street chains and top class restaurants.

Book your accommodation now and plan your perfect trip to Colchester - more than Britain's oldest recorded town. 

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Colchester and the surrounding area has a long history of important events and capturing the imagination of great people.

Discover the fascinating areas and people around Britain's Oldest Recorded Town.

For more information about planning your visit, contact the Colchester Visitor Information Centre